EveryDay People Ep. 1. Joanna Briley..Who Laughs Last…Laughs Best….

This is the premier Episode of My mini-doc series called Everyday People. Everyday People is based on the Naked City concept..I mean really most of us, have a story to tell..why not tell it?

Joanna is a very funny comic..She is extremely witty, and can improv and interact with her audience like some of the greats..However, Joanna like most comics, has to moonlight, As what you may wonder..Joanna works for the NYC Mass Transit Authority (MTA), as a station agent..You know those people that never seem to care when you’re running late..

Take a look and Laugh with Ms. Briley as she lets you in on her world.. As demanding as her job is ,She has found balance by following her passion , and has remained focus by even incorporating the two..Hope you enjoy..

Queen Tut Hip Hop Choreographer

Did a Shoot with A Young Choreographer by the Name of Queen Tut. To be so young, Tut has the drive of Lion, she suffers from certain ailments but has not let that stop her, she still performs, teaches, and has time to mentor children at a Brooklyn Community Center..We are featuring her in Our Documentary..The other day was her Birthday, So this was my present to her..


Glidetrack Hybrid Test Shoot in Coney Island, Brooklyn New York

So I finally tested my new glidetrack hybrid…I went to Coney Island one beautiful day and to say the least I LOVE IT.. We decided to go to Coney Island located in Brooklyn New York for its various landscapes, and wide spectrum of people… Soooo Armed with the GTH, Panasonic TM 900, and a couple of Light Stands..We were ready for anything..

Out the box, The GT was very easy to assemble, the track seemed durable, clean, and the bearings on the mount were gliding fast by just tilting this bad boy in any position on the track…Hoping to encounter the unexpected, our first attempt to using it was just that.. Standing in front of an abandon Roller Rink on the Board Walk, Lens set to it’s widest position and it was dolly time…NOT!!!! Rule #1, having the 1m GT, if your subject is Bigger than said length, and lens is at it’s widest point, little to no movement will occur…That’s the only real rule besides making sure that in all your fun: do not get the Dolly IN the shot.

The GT Hybrid was able to shoot Horizontally and Vertically, in fact the only shot that we didn’t try was a Overhead Dolly. I would honestly recommend this product to anyone looking to step up their production value.. Easy to use, Light weight, and you are limited basically to your imagination. Those lil tilts and pans will add to any shot, which in the long run means more business, a happier client, and a more Creative You..Enjoy..


Does More 4 Le$$ Actually Pay!



If you take a good look at our society..We tend to  ALWAYS have a cause, we are either Occupying Wall Street or D.I.Y’n till we Die..To the unfamilar D.I.Y does not mean Dine or Die in Yellow but  Do it Yourself..

For the record I am a firm believer in this new age Bohemienism, I believe all creatives should march to the beat that plays in heart. After writing this, I’m gonna make 2 purchases that I wish I could D.I.Y and make myself..I mean really, who knew metal and rubber can cost this much…

However, I think most people forget in order to D.I.Y to the best of your ability means  a much bigger investment than a I-pad, glossy business cards, and quitting the 9 to 5  to live off the salt of earth..

D.I.Y is more about a sacrifice respect and love that is either undescribed or unconprehensible to others that you have no other choice but TO DO IT YOURSELF! It’s about  respecting not just the finish product or anticpating its’ release, but understanding that it took a tremendous amount of man hours to get there..I guess relality TV strikes again and we live so far “out the box” that we forgot that  Relality Stars do get paid big bucks these days..

Whew…(wipes forehead and calms down) I’m trying not to make this tooooo personal :-). Soooo my point is as follows Repect YOUR Craft and the People in it..This is not a Relality Show for Everybody..Afterall, It takes more than Flower Power to make a Tree Grow…

YardRock Fashions at Bikini Under The Bridge

YardRock CatWalk @ BUB

This was my Sophomore effort shooting at the Bikini under the Bridge Fashion Show..My first Runway Event was a New Experience..There was a lot of Hustle and Bustle..People were swarming everywhere, Models, Camera Crews, and Photographers were Rampant.. I guess most Fashion Shows are Organized Choas..BUT this is my sophomore event, and I refused to suffer the Sophomore Jinx I was Prepared and Ready to Roll…Check it out!!


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