If you take a good look at our society..We tend to  ALWAYS have a cause, we are either Occupying Wall Street or D.I.Y’n till we Die..To the unfamilar D.I.Y does not mean Dine or Die in Yellow but  Do it Yourself..

For the record I am a firm believer in this new age Bohemienism, I believe all creatives should march to the beat that plays in heart. After writing this, I’m gonna make 2 purchases that I wish I could D.I.Y and make myself..I mean really, who knew metal and rubber can cost this much…

However, I think most people forget in order to D.I.Y to the best of your ability means  a much bigger investment than a I-pad, glossy business cards, and quitting the 9 to 5  to live off the salt of earth..

D.I.Y is more about a sacrifice respect and love that is either undescribed or unconprehensible to others that you have no other choice but TO DO IT YOURSELF! It’s about  respecting not just the finish product or anticpating its’ release, but understanding that it took a tremendous amount of man hours to get there..I guess relality TV strikes again and we live so far “out the box” that we forgot that  Relality Stars do get paid big bucks these days..

Whew…(wipes forehead and calms down) I’m trying not to make this tooooo personal :-). Soooo my point is as follows Repect YOUR Craft and the People in it..This is not a Relality Show for Everybody..Afterall, It takes more than Flower Power to make a Tree Grow…

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