So I finally tested my new glidetrack hybrid…I went to Coney Island one beautiful day and to say the least I LOVE IT.. We decided to go to Coney Island located in Brooklyn New York for its various landscapes, and wide spectrum of people… Soooo Armed with the GTH, Panasonic TM 900, and a couple of Light Stands..We were ready for anything..

Out the box, The GT was very easy to assemble, the track seemed durable, clean, and the bearings on the mount were gliding fast by just tilting this bad boy in any position on the track…Hoping to encounter the unexpected, our first attempt to using it was just that.. Standing in front of an abandon Roller Rink on the Board Walk, Lens set to it’s widest position and it was dolly time…NOT!!!! Rule #1, having the 1m GT, if your subject is Bigger than said length, and lens is at it’s widest point, little to no movement will occur…That’s the only real rule besides making sure that in all your fun: do not get the Dolly IN the shot.

The GT Hybrid was able to shoot Horizontally and Vertically, in fact the only shot that we didn’t try was a Overhead Dolly. I would honestly recommend this product to anyone looking to step up their production value.. Easy to use, Light weight, and you are limited basically to your imagination. Those lil tilts and pans will add to any shot, which in the long run means more business, a happier client, and a more Creative You..Enjoy..


[wpvideo IlFoiTvC]